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back to school

haven't written in here since i came back from wales so i thought it's time to write in here again!

my new class is all right, got my old english and frensh teacher as my classteacher and i already know most of the other teachers. and a dream after one year lerning without girls... three girls in my class!!! it's like in heaven^^. what else???.... hmmm... oh yeah it was steffis birthday on friday and i was pissed as a donkey. first hater, dödel and i almost drunk 30 litres of beer on our own and in between each of us 3 jägermeister... there were alot of good looking girls there aswell (i think... u know the thing about alcohol and girls getting prettier). anyway on the way home we really felt how drunk we were and as i came home i watched tv and made some toast . as soon as i ate the toast i felt asleep on the sofa... after some hours i woke up and saw some half naked girls saying "lass druck ab" on tv because i left it on, but i couldn't be bothered turning it off so i left it on untill my mom woke me up at 7 o'clock

the next day we went to himmelgeist to the funfair. so we wanted to go inside the tent but we should have had to pay 4 euros but nadine said that we belonged to the schützen... and the beleved us eventhough everyone was dress properly but we had out chains and black clothes on... that was quite funny

so this was my weekend. might take a while till i'll post more in here so stay tuned^^ 

21.8.06 20:46

Home Sweet Home!!!

thank god i'm back! it took us 14 hoursfrom wales to germany! it seemed like 3 days or so! anyway it's good to be back home. but as i turned my computer on i realized that my screnn is nacked up! so i need a new one... maybe i can buy my dads.

is was quite nice in saundersfoot... we had a massive big house and i had loads of drinks :D

well then i might go out with my mates later!

see ya then

4.8.06 14:48

happy birthday angie!!!

it's angie's birthday today to happy birthday first of all...

 marcel from cologne slept down my house last night... beu he didn't wantr to go to angie's birthday because she wanted to go into the "peter pam" in the altstadt.... and i wished i wouln't have gone too.... it's fucking shit in there. i payed fucking 8 euros for 2 beers!!!! WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! so marcel (not from cologn) and i decided to go into an irish pub and we had a strongbow there... it was quite funny, because there was a karaoke evening there

so after that we went back to the peter pam do pick up marcels girlfriend and they went home and i first had a look if lukasz and luk were down the mooren 18, but as they weren't there i went home... so this was my day for today!

21.7.06 23:44

Hartz 4 sucks

i really fell like i'm unemployed... just lying on the sofa watching richter alexander hold and babolon salesch xD we went down the rhein yesterday and today again... it was still boring, but at least better than sitting at home... but now franzi is back from her holidays and now i got someone to talk again..

i'm really looking forward to going to amsterdam on sunday so i see sam again and meet a few of his friends. but till then i have to watch "Hartz 4 TV" as lukasz calls it

 i hope time passes by very quickly

19.7.06 22:48


today i had a quite boring day, until Hater told me to come down his house. as i went there tim was there aswell. after tim picked flo up aswell we went down the moren 18 and had a few beers, a strongbow and a jägermeister there. we talked a bit and flo told us that he's never been down the "Bahndamm" so we took him there. after that we had a beer dan a tequila at the falkenhorst and went down tims house after.

it was quite a laugh... oh yeah Hater has uploaded a video how he plays like light to flies on my guitar so check it out CLICK 

14.7.06 01:17


i hate the holydays, when i got nothing to do... all i do it sit at home, go onto stupid websites i don't even want to go on. i think it wouldn't even be as bad if it wouldn't be so hot!!!!

and now, at the end of the day my dad goes crazy because "he works all day and i do nothing"

ok this might be right but he can still do some things by his self.. all he does is stand next to me and watches me cleaning everything up.... oh i wish i would have gone to wales with my mom an my sister!!!

oh well... i hope he doesn't speak to me the rest of the day!!!!
11.7.06 23:28

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